For some, simply performing tasks through a proxy account or posting data off chain might be acceptable. However, there are no rewards under this scenario.

Well there is with bitcoin myk and bbd coin project. This is why i think ultimately bitcoin myk will defeat most crypto projects. the good news is the adoption it will bring will indirectly help hive as btcmyk and bbd will trade against hive.

So here’s why. Freemium services. So the proposition is you can get a free bitcoin myk account with free bitcoin myk and bbd coins and trade it for hive. Now yes we lose alot of money and energy in the beginning absolutely. Freemium services do that so you gotta believe in what you doing.

it is more likely venture capitalist or philanthropist donors will ultimatley fund bitcoin myk but keep in mind they do this all the time. Jack dorsey donated $15 million to ubi projects.. elon and zuckerberg support them. Andrew Yang ubi foundation received over $5 million so it’s alot of startup money now going into ubi projects thats like well over 10-20% of the entire hive market capitalization and that’s only if you include the fluff and the hyperinflated prices which as we know isn’t even real capital.

the actual capital in hive may only be around 3%.. which means the actual value that went into hive could be under $10 million. So we talking peanuts.. So what’s a better pitch? Easy adoption, free money highly adopted network worth potentially billions with a free rewards system.

Will this work? The short answer is yes. When will it work.. I think it’s going to work when we receive our first round of good seed start capital. The thing is i think that’s going to be easier than people think at which point everyone will switch to us.

Although i now disagree with a dao like venture capitalist model. i think it’s still going to be probably more easier to go the route of a foundation and just have rich benefactors donate to us and morph into that area. Dao funding in crypto i still think is premature and weak. However bitcoin myk and bbd coin getting several donations to the foundation for some rich prick billionaire to write off on their taxes is much more plausible.

In the end i don’t really care whether it comes from the institutions. the philantropist or whomever. We care that it moves into the realm of decentralization in every aspect of that which is important.. meaning not just if you have the most money you make the most decisions..

thats a dumb model doomed to fail because we know it is merit that makes the best decisions not plutocracy so that shows me a vast lack of intelligence in the crypto commuinity that we’d create models that support that narrative. in the end no matter how it goes or how irrational human beings are i will be correct. it is inevitable and i got the time and patience to see it through.