Hive Oligarchy Officially Charged

News just in.. The top 30 wealthiest accounts on hive have been charged. A charge doesn’t constitute guilt. Evidence will be provided in upcoming posts on complicit negligence in provision of an unsafe chain. Certain forms of negligence are a crime in certain jurisdictions.. @themarkymark will begin serving a 7 year ban tomorrow.

RE: Hive Accounts Should Cost 5 HBD

For some, simply performing tasks through a proxy account or posting data off chain might be acceptable. However, there are no rewards under this scenario. Well there is with bitcoin myk and bbd coin project. This is why i think ultimately bitcoin myk will defeat most crypto projects. the good news is the adoption it […]

Hive – Why the Blockchain May Fail

The onslaught of Terra Luna has taught us one thing. No crypto project is too big to fail. It has taught us algorithmic stable coins which are oxymoronic in themselves are out of favor. As well it’s taught us greed in fact is not good”. So i will underline some reasons why the hive blockchain […]

BBD – Upvotes For Tokens Is Back!

BBD – Upvotes For Tokens Is Back! Back by popular demand the highly valuable BBD Coin will give you value for your upvotes back in the bbd coin. How do i get started? Simply register an account on click verify account and start upvoting our posts. How much will i receive? Upvote value will […]

Lesson: The 50th Gold Coin

I was graced today with a story given to me orally. I don’t know the author or source of the story. I didn’t look it up .. No idea if it’s a book or a well known story. I only know that it was delivered in a way that left an impact on me. The […]

Bitcoin MYK

Bitcoin MYK, has intiated a bitcoin fork splitting the tokens at a ratio of 4.7619047619 BtcMyk to 1 Btc. The token originally consisted of 100 million tokens divided by the 21 million btc tokens. The 44 bitcoin forks haven’t worked out as efficient as many would like. The last fork consisting of BCHABC and BSV […]