What is Bitcoin MYK?

Bitcoin MYK is a platform mostly used in the hive community that uses an algorithm to autocurate as well as manually curate social media content.

How do I use the platform?

Simply create a free account using your hive user id. Start posting on the site all earnings will be available on hive -engine.

Why am I being asked for an email?

You may use a dummy em

ail. Emails are only used for password confirmation and tech support. No emails are sold or used for marketing.

What is the Citizens Dividend?

The project created the citizens dividend as free token distributions on every login to build network value and promote mass adoption.

Why is Bitcoin in the name?

Bitcoin MYK only has Bitcoin in the name based on existing on the Bitcoin Cash network. Other similarities range from 21 million coins to airdrops to Bitcoin holders.

Is Bitcoin MYK safe?

Yes, the token exist only on major secure blockchains with high level security.

What about Sybil attacks?

The possibility of Sybil attacks are limited by the cost of wallets and elected adjudication groups that only allow one functional account.

How many accounts may I have?

Only one active account is allowed unless a secondary account is linked to main.

What is the value of the token?

The value is created by the community and may have a value of zero or not

Why is Bitcoin MYK needed?

Manual curation is limited for social media content. Having an autocuration system helps in network wide coverage.

If all tokens are free why is there value?

Metcalfes law states the value of a network is in direct parallel of number of node connections not limited by personal accounts.

How do I claim my Hive User ID?

Simply click complete registration and type in hive user id and create a password. We will never ask you for your private key entry. Sharing such information with apps can be dangerous and we ask you proceed with caution on apps that ask for them.

How do I withdraw off your platform?

Click transfer button to right of screen select admin recipient. All transfers go in your hive-engine wallets at this time. Hive keychain available on Google apps is recommended.

I still have questions?

Reach out to the admin and post questions,comments or concern.