Venture Capital


Add your project for a fee of 20 hive or 10 hbd. Fees will be converted and returned in the form of BBD coins. All fees should be paid to hive account: mykos

Submit your project below. Your post Will be reposted on hive and 10% of total post value will go to the bitcoin myk project. This is necessary as projects will be funded in bbd coins.

Position of projects will be determined by votes in the topics area.

disclaimer: paying the funding fee is no guarantee your post will receive funding. The only value given will be in the form of bbd coins which value will be determined by third party market exchanges. Listing your project only guarantees you’ll receive the market equivalent of the post per market end.

Any downvotes or lost of post value is not the responsibility of bitcoin myk. Ultimately the value of the post will be determined by upvotes and or downvotes and the pay out fees.

Funding post will be reposted by us every week up until the funding range is reached. Bitcoin MYK will be required to repost the funding post under their accounts to assure they receive fees in that there is no cost to list in that the upfront fees will be refunded at market value of bbd coins.

Funds will be paid out every week in bbd coins. Again bitcoin myk is not responsible for the market value of bbd coins like any other crypto. The value is determined by the market.

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