Bitcoin MYK – Advertising Coming!


Bitcoin MYK Ads

Bitcoin Myk will be releasing advertising packages. The packages are only able to be purchased in bitcoin myk tokens. Bitcoin MYK tokens can be earned free on the site through participation. Bitcoin MYK does not sell tokens on the site. Third party exchanges allow for other ways to obtain the token however they may be obtained free.
Bitcoin MYK tokens get you $1 worth of advertising per token. The use of the bitcoin myk token on the site will always have a value of $1 per token despite what the market determines. We believe this brings demand and use to the btcmyk token. Over the next coming weeks a system will allow for the exchange of your btcmyk tokens for advertising packages.
The project is excited to find what will be a further great use to the token. The token already facilitates fast free transactions. It also deflates on volume of trade at a 1 to 1 ratio which means the token gets more rare as it trades. Ads will display all over the site in member profiles as well as public pages. This will allow for maximum exposure of promotions.
Advertising packages with more features will include reviews on our youtube channel podcast. Prices will be released over the next few weeks. This will mean a btcmyk will always be able to buy $1 worth of advertising on our site!

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