Network Suppliers

Bitcoin Wave Network

Network Suppliers are now available. Becoming a Network Supplier requires content influencers to have atleast and or, 500 youtube subscribers. 1000 Facebook followers and a valid facebook account to receive social media key. Any other social media site would require atleast 1000 followers. Once registered join the affiliate program. Use your affiliate link to post on your content. You may also join the affiliate program if you’re not a Network Supplier but won’t be paid on the level of a network supplier. However during elections as anyone can enter will still move your position up on the election position listings. The most activity and signups an affiliate or network supplier has will indicate there placement on list of those network suppliers and affiliates to be in the election.

First 10,000 members first democratic election over the blockchain.

Top 10 Network Suppliers

1.10,000 btcm tokens

2.9,000 btcm tokens

3.8,000 btcm tokens

4.7,000 btcm tokens

5.6,000 btcm tokens

6.5,000 btcm tokens

7.4,000 btcm tokens

8.3,000 btcm tokens

9.2,000 btcm tokens

10.1,000 btcm tokens

Anyone May enter elections after first 10,000 members and become Top Network Supplier over the blockchain. Next election will be held at 100,000 members. Elections occur when growth 10x is more users than before. Once full well distribution has occured elections will stop and the tokens will be well distributed.

Network Supplier now open to everyone. All you need is to join affiliate program. Indicate below where you placed the link and promotional info on bitcoin myk. You may post and upload any video content related to bitcoin myk only. If you have your own website you will receive over 2000 tokens. If you have over 1000 followers on any social media and post your link there 1000 tokens. If you don’t meet the qualifications above but post the link you will receive 500 tokens. Fill out the form below

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