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Miner Transfer Agreement  


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15/11/2019 12:47 am  

This section will serve the purpose to faciliate transfer of simulated miners. Miner owners may write out and agreement for their series of miners and the terms in which they wish to transfer their miners to another party

Upon agreement of the amount of btcmyk tokens to transfer. These tokens should be sent to account: mykos on steem-engine. 

Once the tokens are accepted and accounts agree to carry on with the transfer. The miner will be transferred to the new owner. The seller will receive the btcmyk tokens agreed upon. All transfers are final.

Accounts should match your steem account names. Or you must contact system admin for further details.

All parties agree they are solely responsible for their accounts and whatever happens in those accounts. If your account is stolen or compromised you agree to be responsible for the account.



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