Bitcoin MYK Deflation

Bitcoin Wave Network

Bitcoin MYK, aims to be the most deflationary of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin MYK is a universal bridge cryptocurrency that gives out UBI to 80% of the globe. The project recognizes UBI as a mass adoption vehicle. The value of Bitcoin MYK comes from btc holders claiming btcmyk as a means to transfer it from blockchain to blockchain without remvoing their value from btc. This allows btc holders to keep their bitcoin safe in their wallet as gold. This allows btcmyk to act as a money to btc holders.

This is significantly different from using altcoins to facilitate movement of bitcoin as they depend on swapping coins for other altcoins. The purchase of other cryptocurrencies or leaving their btc in the custodial capacity of some other group or entity which could create legal issues or even break banking laws around the globe.

How btcmyk continually becomes deflationary is by burning cryptocurrencies or leaving them in cold storage wallets coins against their volume of transactions. This is done on a 1 to 1 ratio. For example $1 million worth of btcmyk cryptocurrencies traded would equal the same value amount of coins burned. Bitcoin holders every month have incurred a 1% penalty for not claiming their btcmyk tokens. At this time btc holders can claim at a ratio of 4 to 1 minus a 6% transactional fee penalty. This is because our network allows for transactions to be free through a btcmyk token claim program equal to the value of your transactional fees every month.

If you fail to collect your btcmyk from btc holdings you incur the penalty. Bitcoin holders who don’t claim by july 31st will incur a 10% penalty and following every month after up until total token burns have been reached. These tokens will then be burned against btcmyk transactions at a ratio of 1 to 1. It is important to note this is not a percentage of the transaction this is burned against the value of each transaction. We believe this will create tremendous value in btcmyk as there are many use cases for this project.

It acts as a universal bridge cryptocurrency. It acts as a money and as part of a social network. It rewards ubi monthly to users as well as tokens for participation on the platform and completing tasks and offers. We believe this project shines significantly greatly than similar projects in that the cryptocurrency will have daily use. Register with our site to start earning tokens tradable at, steem-engine market place and waves decentralized exchange.

Earn up to 1 btcmyk token for everyone you refer in the referral program unlimited amount of referrals. Social media influencers with over 2000 followers may be eligible to earn 2000 tokens for placing links on social media profiles. Register and earn 100 tokens to get started.

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