Bitcoin MYK Trading Cards Game. These trading cards commemorate the participants in the Bitcoin MYK project. Miners, Curators, Network Distributors, Affiliates and Site Rangers can now receive their commemorable trading cards.

You’re immortalized into the cards based on your performance in the project. Miners receive cards free. Curators receive their own cards when they curate 1500 posts. Site Rangers receive their own card after spending 500 hours on the website. Network distributors on first setup of Bitcoin MYK distribution site. Affiliates receive their own card when they refer 1500 people to the site.

The cards tell your role and service record. You receive a rating for your card. At this point if someone purchases your card you receive 50% of the purchase price. Your card is priced based on your service record. Payments are made in btcmyk.

Cards are given a purchase price. Every month cards are entered in a jackpot drawing. Card purchases are prorated based on days left in the jackpot. if you purchase a card that has less than 30 days remaining you receive a refund back on everyday you miss.

If your card is selected in our random jackpot. You will the purchase price of the card multipled by its rating. For example if a card is 10k btcmyk and it has a 2x rating. You would receive 20k btcmyk. If your card is not selected you may enter the card in the next month drawing or sell the card at a reduced rate to someone else. So you may keep playing until you win!