Simulated Mining Rigs use a random reward generator based on your activated rig. They come in 2 series. Series M1 may be purchased with 10,000 btcmyk tokens or about 5000 steem. It mines an average of 100 btcmyk tokens per day.

Series M2 or the full data center may be purchased for 100,000 btcmyk or 50,000 steem. Mining an average of 1,000 btcmyk tokens per day.

The random reward generator links to your mining rig and pays tokens to your account daily. The winning daily reward goes to the mining rig that is selected. Half of all purchased mining rigs revenue goes back into the token price and to the mining rig selected every 24 hours.

MinerNumberSimulated Block Reward SolvedDate
#001 - Series M2000011-9-19
barski#002 - Series M15000 btcmyk11-9-19
barski#002 - Series M1100 btcmyk11-10-19
ecoinstant#003 - Series M2000011-11-19
trezzor5#004 - Series M2000011-11-19
chomsky#005 - Series M2000011-11-19
starvos#006 - Series M2000011-11-19
rjd2#007 - Series M2000011-11-19
greta#008 - Series M2000011-11-19
hotpants#009 - Series M2000011-11-19
raoule#0010 - Series M2000011-11-19
jerky#0011 - Series M2000011-11-19
davosglad#0012 - Series M2000011-11-19
hotpants#009 - Series M250000 btcmyk11-11-19
jerky#0011 - Series M2100 btcmyk11-12-19
davosglad#0012 - Series M2100 btcmyk11-13-19
trezzor5#004 - Series M2100 btcmyk11-14-19
davosglad#0012 - Series M2100 btcmyk11-15-19
rjd2#007 - Series M2100 btcmyk11-16-19
greta#008 - Series M2100 btcmyk11-17-19
chomsky#005 - Series M2100 btcmyk11-18-19